Walton Goggins joins Dylan O’Brien at the casting in a key role

Cinema 16 May, 2017

Things are becoming clearer on the side of Labyrinth 3 The Deadly Remedy and we are learning today of the arrival of a new actor in a key role.
The release date still seems a long way off, but the good news for the fans is that the shooting of the film continues in South Africa. While Dylan O’Brien recently unveiled behind the scenes of Labyrinth 3 The Deadly Remedy that will be the ultimate part of the franchise, we learn today the arrival of Walton Goggins to the cast. Known for his roles in Sons of Anarchy and Django Unchained , the actor will lend his traits to one of the key characters in this new chapter, Lawrence. We do not yet know how faithful the film will be to James Dashner’s book, but if Wes Ball relies on the book, Lawrence will be part of the resistance,
In the book, Thomas and other members of his group are kidnapped by Lawrence and his allies to be delivered to WICKED in order to set a trap for the organization. The aim seems therefore noble, but the method leaves clearly to be desired! After strong exchanges, the two teams will work more or less together, but their journey will not be simple! The filming of Labyrinth 3 The Deadly Remedy was delayed following the serious accident of Dylan O’Brien , but the release was announced for February 2018 in France!