We do not have to be BG to become actors, let’s keep faith

Cinema 5 April, 2017

A nice face, surely, we will not lie. But that’s not all! And above all, the talent of comedian passes before, fortunately. The proof with them.
So we made a small selection of men and women who are not considered specially beautiful, or even not at all and ” neutral”. That is to say, they do not have faces or physics that predispose them to a genre, in which case it would be simple to get roles in the end. Genre Will Ferrel with his head of benet for the comedies, Dany Trejo with his head of taulard for the films of action, Jack Nicholson (or Paul Dano now) with his head of tared for the thrillers and drama … Actors “normal” , A little like François Hollande as president. And who make a career of phew through their talent! A certain way of rehabilitating the cinema, where everything does not pass only through the physical. So, we stop saying that it is only a physical?