We finally know the date of the return of Prison Break

Entertainment 30 December, 2016

Thursday, December 29, actor Dominic Purcell put an end to the expectation of many fans, announcing when the return of the series Prison Break would take place precisely. The fifth season of Fox’s hit show comes more than seven years after the last episode of season 4.

The fans of the series were in the starting blocks. They finally know when they can find their favorite prisoners. There are two years, the return of the hit series Prison Break was announced, but since we knew relatively little. Thursday, December 29, the actor Dominic Purcell, who plays the character of Lincoln Burrows, ended the suspense by sharing a picture on his Instagram account. In appearance, nothing special. It is seen in the company of the beautiful Wentworth Miller, hero of the series, at the Comic-Com of San Diego last summer. But in legend, the actor maliciously added a crucial element: “MARCH 2017”.
It was enough to rejoice thousands of fans of the series. The Fox show, consisting of nine episodes, is entirely shot and should be released in the US from next March, and on M6 in France a little later. On the plot side, the screenwriters got away, as often, with a pirouette. For in the fourth and final season aired in 2010, the central character, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) sacrificed himself to save his wife Sara ( Sarah Wayne Callies ) .
For the fifth season ahead, we find against the odds that the character has survived, and is locked in a prison in Yemen . His wife Sara and his friend Lincoln will try to make him escape, as he had done for them in the previous seasons. Classic but (hopefully) efficient.