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Who is the first husband of Brigitte Macron, André-Louis Auzière, the book of Maëlle Brown “Brigitte Macron, the stamped” up a corner of the veil.

We know very little of him, then, when appeared the first biography devoted to Brigitte Macron, it rushes on the few lines that are devoted to it. As written by Maëlle Brown, the author of Bridget Macron l’affranchie (The Archipelago), André-Louis Auzière is the son of a high official, born in Eseka, Cameroon. “After having made his studies in Paris, he has also just started a degree program in the bank” when it meets in le Touquet, the young Brigitte Trogneux.

She married at just 21 years of age in 1974 in this seaside city. A year after being born Sebastian, their eldest son, and then Laurence and Tiphaine in 1977 and 1984. ” It was a little bit behind, a bit cleared compared to it. Nice but not extremely causing “, said a friend of the couple to Maëlle Brown.

In the lille region, where they first settled, and then in Alsace, it is Brigitte which regulates their social life. They form, according to several testimonies collected for this biography, a couple kingdom. This banker, Brigitte Macron speaks little now, would have been devastated when he had learned the idyll of his wife with one of his students. “Stunned, writing Maëlle Brown, he leaves the house in the rue Saint-Simon (ED home) and has not returned “. Their divorce will be pronounced only 10 years later.

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