We know that you utter a cry of disgust when you see these characters of series

Cinema 25 April, 2017

Some series you like to death, as much as you hate one of his characters. Paradoxical, but possible. The proof with these names that venerate you directly.
Like an epidermal reaction, you do not control, it comes by itself. You grimace, you groan, you insult the character itself. And you certify that he deserved this fucker! Pardon, this hurluberlu that runs you on the beans. Like a big popcorn, I swing the names.
Piper Chapman (“Orange is the new black”)
At first it played an important role. It was wanted and it made sense. Then once she joined the prison, we started to get tired. Worse, Piper got us drunk. Always complaining , never happy, blase, with the wheeze of the eyes … Even the creators realized this and its importance decreased from season to season. For the well-being of everyone.
Marnie Michaels (“Girls”)
In a word: detestable. So it has what it deserves, people hate it. Sometimes life is logical and reassuring. Egoist, ball-pigeon, everything must always revolve around her . Even the series …. While Hannah, Shoshanna and Jessa are waiting for you despite their faults, Marnie proves to you again and again that she is unmanageable.
Anthony Soprano Jr (“The Sopranos”)
His aunt Janice is also a mega-annoying character. But at least they bring something. He, frankly, is rather a ball. Apart from being rotten spoiled, whining, missing his suicide … It serves no purpose. Bengous could say to him: “Oh the minot there, go and get you framed!”
Lori Grimes (“The Walking Dead”)
Quite quickly, she showed herself reluctant. And since that lasts. Then it has at least the merit of being constant, predictable. In its heaviness. She chains the ideas to the con (to walk in the apocalypse of zombies), whining, manipulations, changes of opinion, while being a mother far from models of the kind … Besides, when one does not see her , We’re doing better. It’s nasty but it’s true.
Vincent Chase (“Entourage”)
The guy sends a vacuum. He breathes emptiness. While all drama and glamor are supposed to revolve around him, Vinny does not release more than a salad . Ari, Eric, Turtle and Drama make you kiffer, laugh, interest you. He can not stand it anymore. A Hollywood star’s cameo is proving to be unbearable. And in truth, nobody would go see movies with this actor there.
Betty Draper (“Mad Men”)
Don’s ex-wife plays well the cold and useless chick. Some say it’s good because the actress who plays it, January Jones, can only do that. Well, no personal attacks! Let’s stay on the series, where Betty clearly misses the check mark to take more importance. It is there, it undergoes, does nothing, we could do without it. They even tried to get rid of it. The creators will find the lung cancer blow, hard. But seriously, we would have liked her to make us react like Skyler in “Breaking Bad” but Betty was really too nazy.
Ziggy Sobotka (“The Wire”)
A huge series, filled gangster, mobsters, complex characters, with intrigues in every way. And you’ve got Ziggy, an asshole without much interest. Son of the patron of the port, he takes advantage of his advantages to survive and is content to make shit. Fake bad boy, he does not ensure a joke level business, has only funny ideas, gets up in the air. Then he cracks on the weak, kills a duck by stuffing his mouth, passes his nerves on poor people … A little shit how annoying. The kind of guy with whom you do not want to drag, too con and too rude. Which one do you hate the most?