We would have become friends with these TV monsters

Cinema 31 March, 2017

Supposed to be scary, they turn out quite funny and fun. What made us want to know them and hang out with them, when we had to be afraid.
An allegory of the appeal – against appeal. You think … and then it’s the other way around. A known blow and my faith always effective when it is well done, then why deprive it? There the writers create a monster that turns out to be a good paw. Gentile, funny, sensitive … So, once is not custom, one would have become a friend with him! Finally, with them, because we have several examples in mind more or less known.
Guy Mann (“X-Files”)
While Mulder and Scully think they are suing a big-footed villain for horrendous grizzly murders, who likes to turn into a monster, it’s the other way around. Guy Mann proves to be a lizard, at the base, before being bitten one day by a human . This gave him the ability to transform himself into a man and feel the same vicissitudes of life as our: to want to be recognized, loved. Not bad for a penny.
Clement (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”)
Assumed to be a demon, Clement is a cream. Adoring Buffy and Dawn, playing poker-kitten with Spike, a loyal and devoted friend , he really does not deserve to be judged on his appearances. It’s true that his big ears dangling, his wrinkled skin and his growths grow back a bit, but “Clem” is a guy to the cool fact.
Five (“Seven Little Monsters”)
Fifth and last member of the twin siblings, Five taps a little on the system of the others. Already because one does not understand anything what he says, then because it connects the dumplings. As clumsy as hairy (mats his blue fur), Five apologizes to big strokes and asks for forgiveness with the smile and embarrassment of a child.
Cousin Itt (“The Addams Family”)
An energetic, especially from an aesthetic point of view. Extremely long hair hides the whole of his body, so much so that one does not know his face. His beret, his sunglasses in Beatles mode and his gloves are the only details visible . In addition, when he bargouines (with an English accent and a high-pitched voice), nothing is pinched. Except his family, including his cousin Gomez. In the end, he helps and visits everyone, so cousin Itt is accepted.
Herman Munster (“The Monsters”)
Creature born by Dr. Frankenstein – which is easily understood by the resemblance – Herman Munster left Germany at a very young age for England. Where it will be adopted by the noble family of Munster. In this series, this force of nature humps in the cemetery and does not disturb his colleagues too much. Above all, he becomes a good father, considerate, understanding, wielding irony and self-deprecation , loving to have fun like a child: balloon, toys, comics … and eating mass of pancakes cooked by his wife Lily.
Mr. Bumpy (“Bump in the night”)
As a big bug under the bed of a child, Mr Bumpy lives at night. It is the moment when he leaves his hiding place to play, to make jokes, to carry out perilous missions for his friends … Always persuaded that it passes, it tries everything. And sometimes , Mr. Bumpy just makes the gogole like your stuffed buddy, riding a plucked chicken or wearing a ridiculous wig . In spite of his appearance (fine limbs, 4 fingers with each hand, 2 toes with each foot), it has all the good buddy. Except that he likes to eat socks disguised or chewing gums already chewed.
Sweetums (“The Muppet Show”)
Of a high height, this hairy beast surpasses its human congeners, just as it often ruffles with its air constantly jaded and discontented. His bushy eyebrows (Fillon is a small player next to him) as well as his huge piss could make freak but Sweetums compensates by a passion for singing and dancing . Finally, this humble and sensitive monster loves to cuddle. Then as a beast of nightmare, we saw worse.
Cookie Monster (“Sesame street”)
Like an old-fashioned puppet of Guignols, covered with a thick blue fur, with the behavior of a kid. Of child, rather! Hardly able to express himself correctly ( “Me want cookie” ), with a limited vocabulary and a chaotic grammar, he simply eats whatever he can, all the time . Cookies if possible, if not what happens nearby. Much like the kids, they quickly loved Cookie Monster. If it were supposed to frighten them, the record is a failure. Which one would you choose?