Wedding of Pippa Middleton: The award of the ceremony unveiled!

Entertainment 27 May, 2017

A week has passed and the marriage of Pippa Middleton is always talk about him. How much did the ceremony cost? We tell you everything …
One thing is certain, the marriage of Pippa Middleton will remain engraved in the annals . The little sister of the Duchess of Cambridge married last week with her longtime fiancé, James Matthews. The couple went through many trials together and their love did not seem to win in advance. The two personalities were able to find themselves in spite of everything. In any case, the marriage of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews was magnificent. Whether with the bride’s gown, the decor or the impressive guest list, Kate Middleton’s sister had seen things big! Yes, but all this has a price! The cost of the ceremony was unveiled. Well, are you ready to eat pasta right up to that, At the end of your existence to pay you the same wedding as Pippa Middleton? Because yes, it stings!
By itself, the dress Pippa Middleton signed Giles Deacon, would cost nearly 40,000 books (Well, go chao)! At the same time, she is the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, so good, that’s normal! Between the places and the service at the table, the bride and groom would have had almost 250,000 livres. If the wedding ring of Pippa Middleton is estimated at 15,500 pounds, that of her husband would cost “only” 1440 pounds. Photographers, hairdressers, entertainment and many others … Pippa and James Matthews would have spent nearly 1.2 million pounds on their marriage , which is ridiculous, unlike that of Kate Middleton and Prince William , who had cost 20 millions.