Westworld: 4 theories that will make you ruminate before season 2!

Cinema 18 January, 2017

Are you a true fan of Westworld? So these theories should please you while waiting for season 2!
Westworld is probably the series that has the most talented fans theories! It’s simple, almost all of the twists the first season had already been discovered by these crafty. So, we say that they will surely be even better shape in season 2 of Westworld which we remind you, will not return in 2018 . Yes, we know, waiting is unbearable. To wait, discover now the brightest theories – or smokers – on the next episodes of the HBO show . Be careful, this may spell insomnia!
1. Ford and Elsie are alive
We want to believe it and one wonders since the Season Finale of Season 1 of Westworld: Ford is he alive ? Frankly, it’s impossible for Anthony Hopkins to come back. Whether through flashbacks or in the present, it is almost certain that it will be back (in human or in robot, that does not matter!). As for Elsie, her death has never been confirmed and we loved this character so much that we just want this theory to be true.
2. Delos tries to dominate the world
We saw it in season 1, the board of Delos does not intend to settle for a simple amusement park! What will they do with Westworld technology? And if they decided to gradually replace humans to control the world ? You are left to meditate …
3. Everyone is a robot
In this theory, only Arnold, co-creator, is a human . With his robot / partner Ford, he developed the park of course, but also the scientists and virtually all the characters that we met in this first season. Basically, stop asking yourself “who is a robot?”, Go directly to “who is a human?”.
4. There will be a crossover with Game of Thrones
Well, clearly we do not believe it and like JJ Abrams, we would like people to stop comparing these two series which have only the chain that diffuses them. But with the introduction of new parks in season 2, it would not theoretically not impossible for the two universes to collide … Conclusion, this dream of fans still has good days ahead! So what theory seems plausible to you?