Westworld: A scene annoys the fans of Game of Thrones

Cinema 17 November, 2016

In the last episode of Westworld, a scene has upset the fans of Game of Thrones. Watch how they express their anger on social networks!

westworld-hbo-game-of-thrones-got-game-ofIn the last episode aired in the series Westworld, one of the biggest fans of theories proved right . This revealing scene comes at the end of episode 7. Theresa (Sidse Babett Knudsen) and Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) found the secret lab Ford (Anthony Hopkins), but it is actually a park creator of the trap … Theresa discovers with horror that Bernard is a robot and he is about to kill her! But back a little back … How we learn that Bernard is not human? They arrive in the cabin, while Bernard explains that we can prevent robots to see certain things, program them to ignore places or doors. Inside the cabin, Theresa asks what lies behind the door in the middle of the room. And there, Bernard, poor Bernard replied: “What door?” There you also in English “what door?” And while everyone has pity for the poor robot that Bernard knew he was not a robot, and the fate of the poor Theresa was going to be transformed into a tapestry, fans of Game of Thrones was super excited about social networks like Twitter !
“Which door? What door? Wha door? Whador? Hador? Hodor?” If you too are uncontested fans of GOT , you immediately thought of the same thing that these American twittos! After all, when was the last once a door has been more important in the future of a character? Hodor! We have not done our grieving the adorable Hodor and it was a low blow to Westworld of rubbing salt in the wound ! it is probably a swindle of the HBO channel since it produces both series! Who knows, maybe we will be entitled to other hidden references later … Currently, the season 7 of Game of Thrones is shooting in Spain with the Lannister . Fortunately there Westworld to wait before the return of Jon Snow and Daenerys! and you, this scene she has you broke my heart?