Westworld: All confirmed theories, can the series even surprise his fans?

Cinema 29 November, 2016

Are fans of theories Westworld killing surprises, twists and other revelations of the HBO series event?

westworld-saison-1-episode-6-episode-5-spoilersWestworld she will be a victim of Internet? On the Net, theories flourish on the show since the beginning. Now we begin to have revelations, some fans of the HBO series SF start complaining of predictability on the part of the writers. Yes but this is where it gets stuck. The better would it not prevent theories to avoid spoiling the surprise? And yet, as the work of writers is a work of craftsmanship, twists and other revelations shocking-are they not in itself predictable as they questioned us as and episodes? So there is a kind of mock trial which is made Westworld after episode 9, which is critical to read melty , which confirmed theories that were carburer fans of the show for some time. Yes, the robot resembles Bernard Arnold. Yes, Dolores talked to Arnold and not Bernard. Yes, there are several timelines. So what ? Do not blame the writers to confirm theories that we have pushed themselves to have from the beginning.
But can we blame the internet too? Not really. Because the theories on the series, there is a package, type a lot, and they are not all true, they have not confirmed all over the plot. Fortunately elsewhere because the series would have been very strange if not … But theories that become popular, those whose whole world hears almost, are those that are the most credible . So there is some logic in this. One can counter the negative fan reaction to the lack of surprises from Westworld, created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, by some arguments. First, everyone does not know what could be the series, so they do not stay current. Second, each of the theories confirmed, the series manages to take us by surprise just after. A concrete example: the latest episode reveals that Bernard is a copy of Arnold but the real shock is the face-to-face with Dr. Ford and the suicide of Bernard. And that no one saw coming.
This is where the series pulls it off. Some revelations are more or less predictable, depending on whether it is torture or not the meninges, but the writers are not satisfied, they go beyond these mysteries / revelations / theories . Series of God be praised! Fans of the series are still surprises that await the characters are fascinating and unpredictable and that is why we must cling. Westworld, which revealed the truth about Arnold , fascinated by the questions that she asks us, because it plays with the viewer. It would be a shame to hide his pleasure and so you have to ignore the theories and the melee disappointment to some satisfaction to be right to continue to enjoy the HBO series event. Do you predictable Westworld?