Westworld: And if Theresa back?

Cinema 20 November, 2016

After the tragic ending of episode 7 of Westworld, everything is possible for the future. Is Theresa Cullen can return? Place the theories!

westworld-saison-1-episode-8-spoilers-videoAttention, this article contains spoilers . Although we have many questions about the HBO series event, we already know that Westworld was renewed for Season 2! The futuristic theme park still holds the action and mystery … In the last episode of show, we learned a sad truth: Bernard is not human, which means that other characters are robots without anyone knowing! The tension is at its height, Bernard killed Theresa and Ford now has more many obstacles in its path. Finally, this is what he believes … Now that the Director of Operations is dead, how Ford will she explain this dysfunction? The theory Site BeyondWestworld , Theresa Cullen could return as an android form …
To support their theory, the editors of the site falls under the presence of a robot being built in the room where Theresa was murdered . As Ford has been so anticipated his move, it is likely that a machine will soon be ready to replace it. With the information that Bernard was able to collect throughout his relationship with her, Ford must have many elements to make Theresa larger than life. Anyway, thanks for episode 7 of Westworld, a fan of the theory proved right . But many others were extremely surprised by the discovery of the Ford terrible secret. The suite will air this Sunday night on HBO in the US and France on Monday OCS City. And you, do you think that Theresa can return?