Westworld: Arnold, and if we had already met?

Cinema 18 November, 2016

While we still have not given us the episode 7 of Westworld, a question hangs over us. And if we had already met Arnold?

hbo-westworld-arnold-dolores-docteur-fordArnold, Arnold, Arnold. The name is mentioned at least once per episode and his ghost haunting the amusement park what Westworld. The would we ever met? Do we see every week without knowing it? The man who has been dead for thirty years, is it really? Physically surely. Well, maybe not. And if in the end, the Man in Black was indeed Arnold? This theory was hovering at the beginning of the series but, as and when the episodes, it clearly took the lead in the wing. However, knowing Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, we are not immune to a surprise. The face-to-face between Ford and Dr. Black Man suggests that the two men have known for a long time but nothing indicates that the character played by Ed Harris is the famous and very mysterious Arnold. In addition, the Man in Black is a recognizable celebrity in real life, so it seems impossible that it is the former co-creator of the park and these robots. Especially since episode 7 of Westworld, which is critical to read melty, changed everything and we put the chip in the ear of another possible theory.
Our favorite character, the friendly Bernard Lowe, the programmer robots Westworld, has proved itself a host in the service of Doctor Robert Ford, played by Anthony Hopkins . This theory running since the beginning of the season but there is one that goes further still. And if Bernard was Arnold? After his death 30 years earlier, Ford had transferred the consciousness of his friend in a robot that would appearance . Hence the fact that Bernard would Arnold and vice versa. The fact that Bernard, always at the same age, has flashbacks of her son’s death could be a big clue that assumption. It is all the more credible that a conversation of Ford and Bernard would indicate: “We can cure any disease, keep the lower life and why not, one day, bring back life to the dead .” Arnold would it be so alive in the robotic body of Bernard? One would believe it.
The idea to transfer the mind of someone in the body of another makes us wonder about Dolores. Is the first robot built by Arnold could contain the memories of its creator? Dolores she could hold in her Arnold? Why not. This does not seem so far-fetched that especially the young woman showed us during a scene she was talking to herself. Finally she answered a voice that is only addressed it. In this passage, she says she’s lying and they (Bernard questioned) not suspect anything. Who is she would send apart Arnold? Especially that it is embarking on the same famous quest of man in black , ie find the labyrinth built by Arnold. In short, this theory could work as well as others. What do you think? What do you think? Which could be Arnold?