Westworld: Ed Harris (Man in Black) back in Season 2

Cinema 20 November, 2016

There are only a few hours, Ed Harris plays the Man in Black in the new HBO series Westworld confirmed he would be back for Season 2.

hbo-westworld-episode-8-trailer-ed-harrisThe mystery deepens . If you like the series, it will not have escaped you that Westworld is the show that everyone talks about for weeks. HBO Series event , the show aims to secure the future of the cable channel, now that the end of Game of Thrones is booked. And then we showed there is little that William is the Man in Black Westworld (beware of spoilers) , the actor who plays the mysterious character, Ed Harris, has indulged in some very interesting statements . It was the microphone of the BBC Radio 4 and it should be fun and worry the fans of this series of science fiction. Asked about the Westworld preparation work , Ed Harris stated: “Besides, I was talking with Jonah [Jonathan, ed] Nolan last night, the one who created all the show with his wife Lisa and yeah, they’ll do another season . ”
But the 65 actor does not stop there! He added: “They will do 10 episodes and I will be!” That is official, Man in Black will indeed be back for Season 2 of Westworld which, although it will not be broadcast until fall 2017 at best, should raise even more questions. And as we recently told you that a scene of Westworld particularly annoys the fans of Game of Thrones , we can not recommend too much to follow the last three episodes of season 1. Followed by an average of 1, 7 million Americans first run on HBO, the first batch of Westworld is so far a success both for the chain in the eyes of the press. Tonight episode 8 “Trace Decay” will be broadcast to 21 hours. And you, what do you think of Westworld?