Westworld: Episode 10, discover the hidden scene of the season finale!

Cinema 6 December, 2016

The episode 10 of Westworld well have been exciting, there’s a scene you may have missed! To discover or rediscover.

westworld-saison-1-episode-10-episode-9-spoilers-1Last night, HBO broadcast the tenth episode of the first season of Westworld. Lasting 1:30, this season finale was particularly successful and clearly, yet it is difficult to recover. Especially since the show Jonathan Nolan will not be back on the small screen before 2018. Between Robert’s death, revelations of William / man in black and the doors left open for the season 2 this latest episode has clearly left us open-mouthed. But if you thought you had seen everything, it is very likely that this is not really the case . Indeed, while we offered you to discover our criticism of the episode 10 of Westworld , this season finale proposed a scene you may have missed and is to discover below.
This sequence invites us to plunge into the plot of Maeve. In the end, the host pretty put his plan into action to escape and for this, she sought help from Hermistice and Hector. If the last Maeve left the doors of an elevator, the first – we saw – was left arm stuck in the automatic door. The series has invited us therefore discover the bloody scene after the end credits which is why you did not necessarily put down! Also, discover the first details on Season 2 of Westworld , on melty. Did you enjoy this final?