Westworld: Episode 10, discover the mysterious synopsis of the season finale and new images

Cinema 1 December, 2016

The synopsis for episode 10 of Westworld was unveiled and it is very mysterious. More to explore melty with promo photos!

westworld-saison-1-episode-10-episode-9-spoilersSunday night, the first Westworld season is coming to an end on the American channel HBO . Within nine weeks of the series Jonathan Nolan has established itself as one of the best series of the season, even if it is THE best. Anyway, we had a very short week of rest before discovering this season finale. Admittedly episode 9 Westworld which our critic is available has been one of the busiest since its launch. Among the revelations about Bernard and Arnold and tension that kept climbing, one needed to blow . Especially since the final episode of the season will be particularly explosive.
HBO has just released the synopsis of it and announced very heavy, despite the mystery that surrounds it. In “The Bicameral Mind” , Ford will unveil its new particularly daring scenario. For its part, Dolores embrace its identity while Maeve will implement his plan . Westworld of the season finale, we recall, lasted 1:30. What wrapping up this first successful season. Besides, the series is part of our Top of November 2016 Series . But what place? Did you wait to see this episode?