Westworld: Episode 10, return on 3 key moments of the Season Finale!

Cinema 5 December, 2016

Last night, HBO aired episode 10 Westworld! Back on 3 key moments of the Season Finale!

westworld-saison-1-episode-10-episode-9-spoilersIt marked us! Last night, the US cable channel HBO aired episode 10 of Westworld, for which we dévoilions you the mysterious synopsis and original footage of this final season . Intense chapter loaded revelations of surprises and emotions. The first moment that marked us is of course the real death of Arnold. Indeed, we knew he was dead before the park opened, and Dolores was the person who killed him, however we did not know under what circumstances, so far. The reality is that Arnold did not want the park opens. He saw the hosts well as more than mere robots. It inserted in the spirit of Dolores a new story he was working on at the time: Wyatt. He pushed Dolores to kill all the other guests. Finally, Arnold, sitting on a chair, back, Dolores orders to kill him, which she does while Teddy observed.
Escape from Maeve as a whole is particularly memorable! To achieve its goals, it awakens and Rodrigo Armistice, which does not fail to offer us two very bloody murders, before the weapons make their entrance. Although it seems almost too easy for Maeve out of the park, Felix gives him the coordinates of her daughter, but she responds by saying it is not his daughter and boards a train to leave the park. Only after seeing another woman with her child, Maeve decides to get off the train and return to the park. The train station and the lights go out. We look forward to discover following the journey of this unusual robot.
The last key moment in the season finale appears to us precisely when the escape of Maeve. Indeed, we find that there is not a single park , as in the original film, which includes Romanworld and Medievalworld. Here, Maeve and her band fall into the technical zone Samuraiworld, where some samurai fighting in glass enclosures. The question now is how many these parks exist in the series? When Maeve receives note of Felix, with the details of her daughter, she said “Park 1 .” Is it Westworld of Samuraiworld or another world that we do not know yet? Lately, with all the confirmations of theories of Westworld, we wondered if the series could still surprise us! What are your key points?