Westworld: Episode 10, revelations in shambles, our critique of season finale

Cinema 5 December, 2016

A few hours after the broadcast of episode 10 of Westworld Discover our review of a final successful season!

westworld-saison-1-episode-10-episode-9-spoilersLast night, HBO broadcast the tenth and final episode of the first season of Westworld. Entitled “The Bicameral Mind” , the season finale was especially fans waited for the simple reason that he had to give them the answers they expected. And we were not disappointed: the show Jonathan Nolan has continued to knock us revelations for 1:30, all complemented by deliciously shocking and violent scenes . After weeks of speculation, fan theories have proved so accurate: the Man in Black is beautiful is William. Meanwhile, some of the most passionate viewers saw just the fact that this first season we had wandered on three different timelines. There are even some who had realized that Dolores was actually … Wyatt!
For weeks, Westworld which saw Jeffrey Wright be back , therefore dispersed across clues leading to the revelations in the season finale. If the series has been able to heat the neurons before, this final episode of the season we will reset the puzzle pieces together alongside other. “The Bicameral Mind” is in any case much more than an episode which wants revealing. It also opens doors for future plots. With the death of Robert, one wonders how the high places of the park will now handle the situation within it . The new scenario being launched, the land of Westworld are more dangerous than ever.
As for Maeve, the season finale was the moment we all expected. Should she succeed from the park to discover the human world? Yes and no. His plan worked beautifully, but she learned that she could not escape, all this is a scenario … She did not believe it and once on the train, the pretty brunette has decided to descend and return to Westworld … A real case of conscience or the end of the scenario? All this is open to debate. In any case, one thing is certain, the least interesting character in this final is indeed Teddy. Moreover, its usefulness throughout the season is questionable.
In short, this season finale Westworld was a real success . Among the revelations was expected, the key moments and shock scenes, everything was done to make the hour and a half is a condensed emotions. And it has not missed! We know: Westworld was renewed for season 2 . If the launch date is not yet known, trusted the fans of the show to start to speculate on. But do not worry the meltynautes: we will be there to give you all the information coming into your favorite series! What did you think of this episode?