Westworld: Episode 10, SPOILER is really dead in the Season Finale?

Cinema 5 December, 2016

SPOILER he will return in season 2 or is he really dead in episode 10 of Westworld? the investigation is carried!

hbo-westworld-ramin-djawadi-maeve-musiqueOne thing is certain, Westworld was the taf with its Season Finale and revelations galore ! For nearly 1:30 the new sensation of HBO has stunned us all more extraordinary scenes until the final chapter, finally unveiling the new scenario imagined by Dr. Ford. Off to an early retirement, he was certain that the co-creator of the park did not withdraw without flinching. If we expected a little resistance on his part, there was clearly not foresee what the character of Anthony Hopkins had concocted for the last minutes of this excellent first season Westworld … Following in Arnold fire, Ford decided to make the park to its original inhabitants, the hosts . A change in the balance of power that was obviously not very smooth. While all investors park gathered to celebrate the new Ford scenario and say goodbye, it embarked on a speech for the less moving and that is finished in great pomp, aka with a ball full head of our speaker. No, you’re not dreaming, Dolores comes right down to Dr. Ford, as it did for Arnold . WTF?!
Knowing Ford, difficult to believe that he had not planned it! If Dolores has finally become a host with a conscience by shooting him, you can really ask whether the co-creator of the park was not – again – a step ahead of everyone. Its creation has it really turned against him? Did he, too, was a victim of the release of the hosts? Even if it looks like the perfect ending for one who has devoted his life to the park, was it hard to believe he was dead! Well, hard to recover from a bullet in the head you might say, but Ford we may all be fooled ! And if, as he was able to do for Arnold, Ford had created a robot version of himself (perhaps the one discovered by Theresa)? The mystery remains … Will be pleased to find Sir Anthony Hopkins for Season 2 of Westworld ? The bets are open ! And for latecomers, do not miss the Season Finale tonight on OCS City … So dead or not dead?