Westworld: Episode 10, the season finale will be much longer!

Cinema 29 November, 2016

Good news for fans of Westworld: episode 10 will be much longer than the others. They tell you everything!

westworld-saison-1-episode-10-episode-9-spoilersNext Sunday, the first Westworld season is coming to an end on HBO in the US and OCS City in France. A season finale that promises to be explosive in light of recent events in the series. Fans of the show so eagerly await this final episode of the year and another should delight more: it will be much longer! Indeed, episode 10 of Westworld whose promo video is available on melty, not last less than an hour and a half. So we’ll deal with a real small film to conclude this first round of episodes that was to a constant and impeccable quality throughout the last two months . This is Evan Rachel Wood who announced on his Twitter account following the broadcast of episode 9 there two days.
But what to expect from this final season? ! Answers obviously Jonathan Nolan, the creator of the show has also said: “We did not force-feed the mysteries of viewers without giving them a semblance of response Our goal is to tell a story challenging every season that will have. themes and different moods ” . Lisa Joy, co-creator of the show also said that “most of the mysteries are solved, with one exception: what happens afterwards” . While waiting to discover the final, discover our review of episode 9 Westworld. What do you expect from this latest episode?