Westworld: Episode 10 tonight finally answers our questions in the Season Finale!

Cinema 4 December, 2016

Tonight HBO will broadcast the episode 10 of Westworld, which will act Season Finale, in which questions would find answers!
Already the end! While we took stock of all the theories confirmed Westworld and we were wondering if the series could still surprise us , it is this evening that the US cable channel HBO will air episode 10, entitled “The Bicameral Mind ” . In this Season Finale, as we see in the promo video we will see that ” Ford unveils bold new story, Dolores fully accepts its identity and Maeve puts his plan in motion” . The episode promises to offer us many twists and bloody times. With Maeve, we expect to find the exact location of the park! On a futuristic Earth? On another planet? And with Ford, we expect that the parts for a season 2 to be made up with a new story and possibly the revelation that other humans are actually robots.
To promote this final season, JJAbrams visited the show Jimmy Fallon, which allowed us to discover a first extract of this final episode of the year. In it, we see a confrontation between Dr. Ford and Charlotte. The young woman said to his older he will announce his resignation after presenting his new narrative for the park . A reaction of Dr. Ford, we doubt that he lets himself go so easily. After all, we have already seen what he can do. After this episode, we have to we are very patient since Season 2 Westworld should not happen before 2018. What do you expect the end of Westworld?