Westworld: Episode 6, but where were Dolores and William? The response of the actors!

Cinema 10 November, 2016

Actors Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores) and Jimmi Simpson (William) are good friends outside of the plates. Where were they during episode 6 Westworld? This is their response!

hbo-westworld-dolores-william-evan-rachelAre the robots too human? Are humans really robots? ! The story is complicated and mysteries multiply in the new HBO series In our review of episode 6 of Westworld , we noted that two of the main characters were absent: Dolores and William. Many fans asked themselves the question, and they challenged directly Evan Rachel Wood actors and Jimmi Simpson on social networks! Firstly there is Twitter – it is very simple indeed to contact your favorite stars on it – but there is especially dubsmash . If you do not know this smartphone application, it lets you post short videos dubbing. Clearly, you choose a music or a film clip and you synchronize your lips with sound! And that is of course what the interpreters of William and Dolores entertained between scenes of Westworld . Look at all the moments they shared on Twitter!

Evan Rachel Wood ( True Blood ) and Jimmi Simpson ( It’s always sunny in Philadelphia ) are true friends outside the film sets. Both actors are among the main characters from the HBO show, but they also share a lot of time off-screen . Yes, filming can be very long! In these dubsmash videos on Twitter, their complicity burst your notebook screen (or computer)! No? Anyway, they were indeed friends before ending up in the futuristic theme park. While the creators of the series have explained the orgy scene that divides fans Westworld , Evan Rachel Wood and Jimmi Simpson acknowledged having helped to overcome this special moment. One thing is certain, this is only the beginning of the adventure for us fans! The next episode will air this Sunday, November 13 on HBO. And you, are you convinced of the complicity between these two actors?