Westworld: Episode 6, everyone has a secret, our criticism

Cinema 8 November, 2016

The episode 6 of Westworld presents a paranoid world where every character has a secret. The revelations are linked and we ask more and more questions.

hbo-westworld-revelation-secrets-arnold-serieBehind the scenes of Westworld are more dangerous than the park itself . This new episode of the HBO series event shows us that the Delos Incorporated employees are in a world paranoid tendency. This management style is still pinball. Everyone is suspicious of everyone. Theresa prefers to end his relationship with Bernard because Ford is aware since the end of episode 4 of Westworld, which is critical to read melty . The programmer does not know where to turn with Elsie investigation on the threat of industrial espionage. Ford is sinking deeper into the maze of the mind of its co-creator risk of discover something that might scare him. Lutz and Sylvester, the two technicians, trafiquent illegally Maeve program at its request. The writer Lee Sizemore meeting a charge of Delos Incorporated. All this is done under the seal of secrecy. It hovers a certain paranoia in local governing the park. Arnold Blame the ghost that continues to complicate the lives of our characters without their knowledge . So we discover that he created a kind of haven for the Ford Doctor recreating his family when all was well. It therefore meets a theory that hovered for some time. The little robot boy is Robert Ford when he was young.
We also learn, thanks to Elsie, Theresa Cullen, incredible Sidse Babett Knudsen , would be behind the theft of data and possible amendment of some old houses. But is this true? Can the manager really be behind all this? We highly doubt it. It lets him the benefit of the doubt. Given the mood in the corridors of Delos Inc., it is not hard to believe that someone could use his identity to traffic the hosts. Lutz and Sylvester also discovered by chance. Maeve has undergone recent unsaved changes and that’s why the robot is out of the loop. The plot of the madam is excellent. The visit of the upper floors of the backstage of the park, where she discovers the truth about his life, takes guts . Thandie Newton did a great job and happens to be fascinated and scared at the same, glad to finally know and full of rage. Following its plot is equally exciting. His willingness to change his personality may release more host the influence of humans. We can not wait to see what it can give.
This episode 6 Westworld is excellent. It also gives a lot to the head . At the end of the time, the meninges are in turmoil. Power struggles, lies, betrayals, backstabbing and Arnold mystery we return the brain. What really trying to make the co-creator of the park? Who likes to play with the hosts? Is Theresa really bad in history? What does the arrival of one of the pundits Delos Inc.? Bernard can he trust to Dr. Ford? Who kidnapped Elsie? As for episode 5 of Westworld, which is critical to read melty, we end the episode by asking more questions than anything else. But we will not complain because this aura of mystery cleverly maintained by the writers is clearly one of the major strengths of the series . For once, we are served with episode 6, which takes place almost entirely with park staff. The plot of the Man in Black and Teddy is completely anecdotal. But the next episode, according to Ed Harris, we should learn more about the past of the Man in Black. The actor has even said it was an episode not to miss on HBO and OCS City on Monday night in US + 24. So how did you find this episode 6 Westworld?