Westworld: Episode 6 tonight, she will Maeve find the answers she seeks?

Cinema 8 November, 2016

Westworld begins tonight with his episode 6, the second half of his first season. Maeve would be about to finally find the answers she is looking for!

hbo-westworld-episode-6-polemique-sexe-orgieThe promo video is exceptional. Tonight, it may well be that Maeve, following the great final scene of episode 5 of Westworld, which is critical to read melty, finally found the answers she sought. We can hear it in the trailer for “The Adversary” with chilling images, it is “difficult to realize that all life is a hideous fiction” . Oulalalala, we soon discover that episode that promises to change the game for the hosts of the park. Apparently Maeve discovers she is a robot. Could this finally the beginning of the revolution? Dolores will she, too, understand that it is only a android? And Teddy of all, will he realize that in turn is not human in the coming episodes? These are the questions that haunt us from the beginning of the series and even more now after this promo video after the latest adventures of our heroes, humans and robots. We hope to have answers soon, to see the radical change of behavior by the end of the season. They have rebelled against the guests and employees of Delos Incorporated.
6 In this episode, we will also see Elsie, played by Shannon Woodward , will find new evidence that someone is trying to sabotage the park in addition to steal vital information. The Man in Black, the quest remains a mystery for now, could it be behind it as some theories it portend? “the Adversary” will see it anyway, with Teddy, join a garrison history to approach closest to Wyatt, one of men essential to find the maze. Admit that you are as eager as us to see this episode! It is broadcast on HBO tonight and tomorrow, Monday, OCS City on US 24 + . Come on, hold on, it is just a small hand of Westworld this new adventure! Ready for episode 6 of Westworld?