Westworld: Episode 7, Bernard and Theresa, from theory to practice our criticism

Cinema 14 November, 2016

Westworld promised us with his heavy episode 7 and it has not missed. The study confirms a theory and offers some intense moments with Bernard and Theresa. Spoilers!
HBO and doors, it is a beautiful love story. After Game 6 of Thrones season and “Hold the door” , the event series Westworld offered a “What door?” Disturbing. This issue of Bernard, the programmer played by Jeffrey Wright, confirms one theory was spinning for some time . BERNARD’S HOST! Here, you will have to do it. One of our favorite characters thus proving to be a robot and is discovered at the same time that Theresa Cullen. Bernard took him in the hut discovered in episode 6 of Westworld, which is critical to read melty , and that’s the tragedy. But do not go too fast. Let us return to what led to this crucial moment. The arrival of Charlotte Hale, one of the leaders of Delos Inc. all disturbed. So we discover that it is working with Theresa to recover data from the park. Ford has not given anything to Delos Incoporated and they want to ensure their rear as they plan to get rid of the co-creator of Westworld. But Dr. Ford has not said its last word. Officially, Bernard is fired because for Charlotte, there had to be a guilty behavioral problem host. The scene with Clementine, which proves that the bug is still very important, is also very violent.
Fired but not silly, Bernard tries to show that Theresa Ford is muted and he prepares something odd. He thinks the safety of the park. Unfortunately, discovers that he is a robot because it is conditioned not to see a door. Theresa is horrified by this revelation but we, the viewers, are the Ford threats that have revolted us. Anthony Hopkins regains its threatening side, he found some of his Hannibal Lecter. The coldness of his voice and his look gives chills. Then Ford makes us want to scream when ordering Bernard to kill Theresa. After the shock of revelation, we are still jostled by Westworld screenwriters with the death of a character . Finally … it is almost certain that we will review Theresa but she should no longer be human. Ford had to create a host / Theresa somewhere. One may wonder if Robert will replace all human with key positions by hosts under his control. Surely. Perhaps. It’s the only way it will not be removed from office.
The plot takes up much time of this seventh episode of Westworld and leaves little room for other characters. William and Dolores sleep together and decide to visit a unique part of the park without Lawrence. For its part, Maeve makes an important decision. Witness the fate of Clementine, she decides to run away from the park. Y arrive she? The two technicians who help suggest that this will not be as easy as it seems to believe. Maeve cares, death makes him afraid. That’s what promise an end to intense season. This chapter 7 of Westworld, which did not mention the surprise cameo episode 6, changed the series forever. The writers took a risk and it pays off. We are in shock. We’ll need a little time to recover. Rhythmic, intense, violent and shocking, this major episode in the series leaves us leached . One felt a thing would not turn well but we had no idea that his end would be as surprising. Roll on the next episode on HBO and OCS City in US + 24. Sacred episode … you like?