Westworld: Episode 7, one of the biggest fan theories proves right! (SPOILERS)

Cinema 15 November, 2016

In episode 7 of Westworld, one of the biggest fan theories proved right! Warning, spoilers humans and androids.

westworld-saison-1-episode-8-spoilers-videoAttention, this article contains spoilers. You are more likely to watch the new HBO series, it is not for nothing that Westworld was renewed for season 2 before the end of the first season! The question is at what time will take us the next park. Will it always a creation of Ford (Anthony Hopkins)? This mysterious character he will bamboozle everyone in the season finale to return with a vengeance in the second season? Is it creating a new park to end the Old West? The 7 episode broadcast on Sunday November 13 we were able to answer a few questions about it, including about his protected Bernard ( Jeffrey Wright ). And the final moments of this episode confirmed one of the biggest fan theories: Bernard is not human . Only Ford knows it’s a robot, making it a unique object, a spy, a diplomat, a murderer … But we saw Bernard interview Dolores in secret, why? For who ?
All the rumors will unfold over the episodes and some will not prove right! Other spectators were convinced that Ford was the robot. Finally it is Bernard. The revelation was perfectly implemented and remarkably successful. The shock is staggering because Bernard takes itself slowly consciousness . We have already included along with Theresa, and we look totally annihilate her world under the terrified eyes of the Director of Operations … If this scene takes away a mystery, there is much more to discover! Fans are still waiting to know if William and the black man is the same person in Westworld , but it seems that this theory is too far fetched! And you, did you have guessed that Bernard is a robot?