Westworld: Episode 7 tonight, Maeve gave an ultimatum!

Cinema 14 November, 2016

Tonight Westworld releases its episode 7 and it looks inevitable. After the latest events, the HBO series promises of especially heavy Maeve issued an ultimatum.
Before the start of the series, Ed Harris told that we should not miss episode 7 of Season 1 and here we are. This is the big moment . It’s this evening. As we learn more about the Man in Black? One would think puisqu’Ed said. But the synopsis of this new adventure is more cryptic than that. Called “Trompe l’oeil” , that should tell us the complicated journey of Dolores and William, the ultimatum to be launched by Maeve whose metamorphosis initiated in episode 6 of Westworld, which is critical to read melty , is fascinating. The synopsis also talks about the next shot of Bernard. There is not much to put in their mouths. Even the promotional video of the episode is poor in hint about what might happen. -Will we see who is the kidnapper Elsie? Saura does one who steals the confidential data of the park? Arnold is really dead? Really wants the Man in Black? There are so many questions that deserve answers to address the end of season with envy. This episode 7 must change this but we do not know how and this is terribly exciting! It should not be Ed Harris we lied!
Broadcast on HBO tonight and Monday on OCS City in US + 24, the new adventures of hosts and guests Westworld may explain the surprise cameo from original movie robot in episode 6 . Anyway, hopefully he will live up to expectations. But we did enough confidence to Jonathan Nolan for we full of surprises. In the meantime you can enjoy this episode 7, it is strongly recommended to take a ride on melty to learn about the latest theories about Westworld, guests , guests and park. There’s something to read for hours and hours. Ready for episode 7 of Westworld?