Westworld: Episode 8, the Man in Black is revealed and almost confirms a theory, our criticism

Cinema 21 November, 2016

Westworld is to manage the consequences of twist in episode 8 and gives us clues about the Man in Black by suggesting that a theory could be confirmed.

hbo-westworld-revelation-secrets-arnold-serieBernard poor . Controlled by the Ford Doctor, he suffers terribly from the death of Theresa. He loved her and he wants to have had to kill her. Ford, always played by Anthony Hopkins a very scary, manipulates the programmer to hide the murder of the manager. Does it say that was the last we saw? Surely . The co-creator of the park will therefore not create a robot to replace as we thought after watching episode 7 of Westworld, which is critical to read melty . This is unfortunate because it would mean that it was the last time we see Sidse Babett Knudsen in the series … There’s something to be sad! In short, park officials are affected by loss and Theresa Ford, calculating the possible, the opportunity to place his checkers and only keep control of the program host. Why ? To continue to impose its new storyline, which is still mysterious. Unfortunately, there will be a problem that no one saw coming. Stubbs, the charge of security, was aware of the relationship between Theresa and Bernard. His discussion with him to risk his chip to the ear. Does risk The true nature of Bernard to be unveiled by the end of the season? Stubbs he will keep it to him or will -t he know those responsible for Delos Incorporated?
The Delos Inc.’s worry about. Maeve takes control of its destiny and wants to run away from Westworld. With the help of Lutz and Sylvester, it still changes its code. It can now control the other guests and she did not deny. His behavior did not go unnoticed in the park’s control room. A team is sent to fix the problem but technicians do not know what to expect. They will have a big surprise. Moreover, speaking of surprises, the Man in Black offers us a nice this week. Would he come to confirm the theory that William and him are one person? Maybe … Teddy and the Man in Black to fall a victim of Wyatt and this robot is none other than the host William introduced into the park in episode 2. the reaction of the character played by Ed Harris , who clearly recognizes saying, “I thought Ford would you retired …” , is still a sacred flag. Both timelines and therefore confirm that William, following a Dolores increasingly lost, and the Man in Black are one and the same person too.
But this is not the most interesting, almost. We discover with this new episode that truly seeks the Man in Black in Westworld . Kidnapped by a Teddy finally beginning to remember, it delivers an important part of its history. His wife committed suicide there are few and daughter held responsible. The years spent in the park to satisfy his instincts down the undeniably changed. After the death of his wife, he came to the park to prove something, to feel something. After meeting with Maeve, before it becomes madam, it is a goal. He saw life in the host and since he wants to find the maze to wake the hosts. Laudable goal. But does it hide something more? Only in the last two episodes of Westworld on HBO and OCS City the next day + US 24 to find out. Perhaps it will take the season 2 of Westworld for the answer. In any case, one thing is certain, the Man in Black is now quite some time, is that Ed says . So the meltynautes, how you found this episode 8 Westworld?