Westworld: Episode 8 tonight, what will happen to Bernard?

How to bounce back after such a twist? Tonight episode 8 Westworld has the difficult task to go after the revelation and revive the intrigue in an intense final straight.

westworld-saison-1-episode-5-episode-4-spoilersThe end of season of the HBO series promises to be exceptional! Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy left us speechless after episode 7 Westworld affirming a popular theory among fans of the series and whose criticism is to read about melty . Do not turn the turn the pot and ask the question that must address this eighth chapter of the series: and now that Bernard is going to do? The programmer he will realize what he really is? Will he remember what he did? Subira Does the discretion of Ford Dr. much longer? The fate of Bernard, played by Jeffrey Wright , looks complex and we hope the answers What value the latest episodes will satisfy us. All our hopes are in the hands of the writers. The promo video of this next adventure, which looks crazy, would seem to give some small slopes . We can also see that the Man in Black and Teddy will be back after a conspicuous absence. From the few images, their story may surprise us and keep us in suspense. We look forward !
This new episode, entitled “The Well-Tempered Clavier” , will Maeve, determined to finally get out of the park, continue to ask for help to technicians duo to put his plan into action. How will she take it? Will she do this? This is our fan wish for it. Maeve deserves his escape . As Dolores. The host is in search of the famous maze and finds himself overwhelmed by new memories. In the promo video, you can hear pronounce the name of Arnold and we refer you to the article in which we wonder if we have not already met the character. This episode 8 will air tonight on HBO tomorrow night on OCS City in US + 24 and we can not wait to savor! Loans for episode 8 of Westworld?

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