Westworld: Episode 9 tonight, this is the beginning of the end for the HBO series!

Cinema 28 November, 2016

Are you ready ? Tonight, HBO broadcast the penultimate adventure Westworld. The event series is nearing its end with an episode 9, which promises to be intense!

westworld-saison-1-episode-8-episode-7-spoilersWhile we are still rediscovering the richness of episode 8 of Westworld, which is critical to read melty , now HBO (tomorrow night on OCS City in US + 24) about to be released and the ninth penultimate adventure of our robotic hero almost. After disarming the revelations of the Man in Black, which in the end we suspect it is not Logan and William, 30 previously, the tension will increase a notch to all stakeholders. Answers to different theories may fall and the action is likely to prevail while the flat Wyatt threat growing on all the characters strolling through the park. On the side of Delos Incorporated, is the doctor whose Ford beware . The co-creator of the park, played by Anthony Hopkins almost as creepy as in Silence of the Lambs , causing trouble and we still do not know what he’s up with the new scenario.
In episode 9, entitled “The Well-Tempered Clavier” , we also hope to have an answer to THE question that torments us for several episodes of Westworld: Is Elsie dead? The synopsis reveals nothing about his fate but says Dolores and Bernard will reconnect with their past, while Maeve will make a bold proposal to Hector. Which? What will happen to Teddy and the Man in Black? The promo video we let you discover and especially enjoy while preparing your mind that this episode is still a big emotional shock! You have been warned. Loans for the beginning of the end meltynautes?