Westworld : Evan Rachel Wood has absolutely nothing to season 2

Cinema 27 August, 2018






Westworld is known for its taste and puzzles, which will be excited quantity of spectators. And obviously, even Evan Rachel Wood has ended up getting lost.

She played Dolores, one of the human artificial that populate Westworld. It was one of the first androids to access a form of consciousness, as much metaphysical as political. It is therefore one of the main protagonists of the HBO series, as it seems to contain most of the keys to reading this story with multiple ramifications.


“But that is what we should do ?”


Throughout his first two seasons, the show runners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy is a fun time to multiply the questions, pushing the public frequently ask whether what he is observing takes place in the past, the present, the future, or simply in the reality.

A question that is shared by the actress Evan Rachel Wood. If this last is at the top of the poster with Jeffrey Wright, everything indicates that the two artists do not see it much clearer that a part of the spectators, as she explained to Vulture :


“Kill them all, Westworld will recognize his own !”


“I had no idea what was taking place during season 2. No. And we did not shoot chronologically, so most of the time – what I want to say is that as an actor, it was completely crazy to turn this season 2. I don’t know well what to think. But it was an adventure.

After a while, we do not read even more than the leaves of service (a document establishing what are the stages of the day). We arrive, and then Jeffrey and me wondering what episode it was. It has come to this level – we simply live in the moment, regardless of the scene in question, and that is the way that we did. “

The 3rd season of Westworld should not happen before 2020 on the screens. In the meantime you can find our review of the season 2.


That said, Ed Harris does not look much more familiar, eh