Westworld: First details on season 2!

Cinema 5 December, 2016

As we have discovered the final season of Westworld, discover the first details of Season 2!

westworld-saison-1-episode-10-episode-9-spoilers-1And after ? The end of the first season of Westworld, for which we offer our criticism was intense, bloody and revealing. While showrunners promised that many revelations would be made, which has been the case, some elements remain mysterious! The last scene was confusing and did not tell us what was going to happen next, or what the Ford motivations for creating the new account. We do not know if he is really dead. However, JJ Abrams, Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan revealed the main theme of Season 2 of the last hit of the cable channel HBO ! Thus, Jonathan Nolan, who directed the season finale of exceptional length said: “If the first season was defined by the control, the second season is defined by chaos, that’s what Ford has planned everything long. Its new story feeds the challenges of each. ”
Jeffrey Wright continues: “One of the most curious elements of the series is empathy for robots, in many ways, it becomes a metaphor of awakening, consciousness, spirituality … and we find that the creators are less human than their creations ” . Nolan also explains more about the second season: “Ford has started what he thinks is a plan and the nature of this plan is something we will explore in the second season we will see what his intentions are.. .. is it allowed guests to escape? is he trying to teach a lesson to humans? ” Finally, Abrams said Westworld Season 2 will explore “what happens during the birth of consciousness, what happens when we begin to wake up.” After a first season as captivating, we look forward to exploring what the birth of consciousness mean for Dolores and the rest of the guests! Recently, we came back on 3 key moments of the season finale of Westworld! What do you expect from Season 2 of Westworld?