Westworld: Is Dog Death Message Arnold?

Cinema 12 November, 2016

A few days after the broadcast of episode 7 of Westworld, we wonder if there is a message in Arnold the dog’s death occurred in episode 6!
Still more theories! While we wondered if robots could not be human and human robots in Westworld , new ever more amazing and fascinating theories as each other we receive. One of them drew a parallel between the history of Ford Greyhound in episode 5 and the events that took place in episode 6, as an analogy that would reveal a lot about the relationship between Ford and Arnold . In episode 5, Ford tells the story of his dog, a racing dog who has spent his life running in circles after a fake rabbit. One day they took him to the park and although their father had warned of speed was capable dog, his brother posted him. The animal was then spotted a cat, ran up to catch it. Despite the beauty of seeing this hound, horror came when he caught the cat, killing it by shredding. He explained that the dog remained confused. He had spent his life trying to catch the fake rabbit and now he had this cat, who looked like the rabbit, he had no idea what to do.
Following happens in episode 6, following the announcement of the death of the family dog. Fort told Robert to explain what happened. The boy said: “He saw the rabbit and ran And I found him like that.” . Ford retorted that he lies, as confirmed Robert, who admits having killed. When Ford asked why, he replied “I do not know” . So Ford replied “It’s not enough, Robert Tell me what happened.” The boy then says . “He caught the rabbit and it killed him then someone m ‘ said to put it here ” . Ford asked that what Robert says it’s a voice. That of Arnold. He said it was a killer, it was not his fault. It was designed that way and that I could help. ” ” Help him? ” Asked Ford. ” What is dead can not hurt anyone! ” Replied Robert. So we understand that by forcing the young Robert to kill the dog, Arnold sends a very specific Ford messages . If the dog is Ford, then maybe Arnold offers her out of the distress?
This theory takes up the idea that Ford is a robot, created by Arnold, who has spent his life chasing consciousness and Arnold would be the cat / rabbit Ford killed when he reaches his goal. If this is the case, Arnold would not blame Ford for his death since it is not his fault, because it was done this way. Now that Ford has gained consciousness, he is like the dog and has no idea what to do. Arnold would suspect that this could happen, so it would have designed a security system to end the suffering of Ford, even -delà the grave . The radius of theories, we reveal why William could not be the Man in Black in Westworld! Do you think the death of the dog can be an Arnold message?