Westworld: Is SPOILER dead?

Cinema 25 November, 2016

Is the latest episode of Westworld, turning a fast flashback, confirmed the death of another character?

hbo-westworld-revelation-secrets-arnold-serieMissing since the end of episode 6, Elsie’s assistant Bernard programming hosts Westworld, sees his fate in the balance. Dead or not dead? As long as we have not seen the corpse, we be convinced of anything. Unfortunately for us, the latest episode of Westworld, 8, whose criticism is to read about melty , she has confirmed that she could pass the bucket? In a flashback ultra stealthy, Bernard sees Elsie being strangled … In addition to having killed the woman he loved, Bernard would have it, under the command of Dr. Ford eliminated Elsie Hughes? This leaves little flashback space to another theory. Unless … unless Bernard was able to break free of the control of his master. At the same time, if Maeve gets there, why not the programmer. True, he knew he was a robot before the end of episode 7 but beware of all the series and shows us think also that it does not show us. Bernard could have been strangling Elsie and realize his actions. With it, he could ride a plane, just to protect it until they find a solution for the release of Ford’s grip.
Is this credible? We do not know, we have to watch the last two episodes for the answer to this question. One thing is sure, if Elsie was dead, killed at the hands of Bernard, there’s something to be sad. For him and for us. The character played by Jeffrey Wright will have killed the two women in his life and we, we have lost one of the best characters in the series. Because yes, Elsie is excellent. Funny, hot, smart and unpredictable, she gave a special flavor to humans in the series. Does his possible death she signs the late Elsie? Not sure either. At the scene of doom Theresa, we thought the construction robot could be the one to replace the employee of Delos Incorporated. And if we’re wrong? And if the robot was indeed one that is inspired by the assistant Bernard?
If Ford was killed by Theresa Bernard, it was to regain control over the program hosts as seen in episode 8. With not one but two robots (Bernard and potentially Elsie) his orders, the co-creator of the park could not be bothered on this side here and could do what he wants without anyone asking any questions. The scene of the restriction would be there to cover their tracks. If Elsie returns intact, it will be legitimate to ask about the woman. Robot robot or not? Do you think this is possible? What do you think will happen to Elsie? In short, the series continues to have fun with us and she manages to make us procrastinate with stage 3 seconds to break everything. It is not surprising that Jonathan Nolan, the evil and sadistic creator of Westworld, like reading fans theories. What do you think the meltynautes?