Westworld: Music would control the hosts?

Cinema 27 November, 2016

Episode 8 Westworld taught us many things about the universe of the series whose special relationship with music and hosts.

hbo-westworld-ramin-djawadi-maeve-musiqueSome notes resonate. Maeve stop his agitation, she calms down. It must be said that the song “Daydream” by Debussy lends itself to perfection. In the last episode of Westworld, 8, whose criticism is to read about melty , we finally have a confirmation that music plays a big role . We suspected and piano saloon who remixed western sauce big pieces of recent decades is just as important as any other host. Debussy effect on Maeve is not insignificant, the Arnold program is able to override the robot’s state of mind with this piece. Does it mean something else? The composer of the music of the series (and also Game Of Thrones) Ramin Djawadi has his own idea: ” The music is controlled and it is chosen for a reason the great power of music is that something happens. unconsciously when you listen to a song, even if you do not pay him fully attention. that makes us something no other thing that music can do. ”
The musical choices that accompany Maeve this week, which saw Westworld make a nod to Game of Thrones , thus revealing as to what she thinks, what she is becoming: a paid host. she is rebellious, she is emancipated and exchange songs. Consciously or not? Nothing is very clear. The scene of the attack saloon Hector is no longer on “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones but it’s “Swan Lake” by Tchaikovsky, just to pass the orders that will give robots. For Ramin Djawadi, this makes sense: “If guests hear this song, that music is always they feel a big part of how people feel now it comes from Maeve It is she who decides?.. it is she who chooses the songs ” we’re not going to lie, we look forward to the next just tickle our ears. do you think that salvation will host the music?