Westworld, Pretty Little Liars, Luke Cage: The WTF moments of the season!

Cinema 24 June, 2017

Intrigues staggered, unexpected deaths and revelations in any kind … The series never cease to surprise us. You are then offered to relive some of the most WTF moments of the season 2016-2017.
We live in a world of madmen and the series know only too well to retranscribe all this madness in their episodes. As we approach the end of the first part of the Series World Cup competition , for which you can still vote by going here , we suggest you come back to the wildest moments of the 2016- 2017. You know, those moments that make us say “WTF” out loud on our screen. Whether they are unexpected deaths, twisted revelations or simply crazy and crazy moments, we’ve given you a brief summary of what surprised us most, shocked or surprised in the competing series .
Catherine and the black magic – Reign
Catherine De Medicis is undoubtedly one of our favorite characters in Reign . Ready to do everything to protect her children and keep her power as long as possible, Catherine does not hesitate to use black magic to make sure that no one is thwarting her plans. Towards the end of Season 4, Catherine decides to use magic to protect her son Charles, but it does not really work as expected, so she asks for help from a real witch. This will give rise to a scene of which only Reign has the secret: a three-way plan between Catherine, Narcissus and the witch in which the latter performs a magic ritual in order to be able to bear the devil’s child … Yes of course . Ah, anyway, she’ll miss this series!
Aria believes in a musical – Pretty Little Liars
Just like Reign , Pretty Little Liars has mastered the art of showing us WTF moments for seven years now. As we follow the last chapter of the series, which will come to an end on Tuesday, June 27, we no longer count the improbable scenes. However, the most WTF stage in this second part of Season 7 is undoubtedly the musical dream of Aria . We all wondered what was going on on our screen when Mona began to sing and that these men disguised as guards began to dance. One thing is certain, with this series one is never at the end of our surprises!
The Talent Contest – Orange Is the New Black
The Jenji Kohan series has offered us many WTF moments over the past five seasons, such as the death of Poussey Washington, Alex, Red and Frieda who cut and bury the guard’s body in the kitchen garden and many others. Season 5 is no exception and offers a lot of crazy and unexpected moments, but the most amazing of all is certainly the talent contest organized by Angie and Leanne in which the guards are staging themselves. The scene of the striptease, we had not really seen it happen!
A Surprising Violent Death – Luke Cage
When Cornell Stokes aka Cottonmouth (Mahershala Ali) was introduced in the Netflix series, Luke Cage , we thought we were facing the great enemy of our superhero. What was not our surprise when he was killed by his cousin, Mariah Dillard (Alfre Woodward), in episode 7 . Not only was Cottonmouth not expected to die so early in the series, but the way Mariah hits her head with a bottle and then pushes him through the window of his office, it was completely crazy, One of the most violent scenes of the show.
The Unexpected Host – WestworldThe “WTF” characterization could be given to the whole of season 1 of Westworld , as much for its starting post as well as for everything that can happen in the series. If we were to choose only one – and this is not easy – it would surely be the moment when we discover that Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) is actually a guest. After this disconcerting revelation, Bernard is obliged to kill Theresa rather violently, which only increases our stupor! Very few viewers had surely seen this turnaround, we at least we said “WTF!”. What are the most WTF moments you’ve seen this season?