Westworld Season 2: 4 big questions that we ask about the sequel!

Cinema 27 January, 2017

While the first season of Westworld ended almost two months ago, 4 big questions about season 2 trotted in our heads. Here they are !
It was the success of the comeback: Westworld, the new series Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, was a hit on HBO. The hearings followed, but above all the quality! After ten episodes that have made this first season, the viewer can not escape unscathed : a visual slap masterful performances of the actors, a fresh concept and a very rich mythology full of secrets. It was inevitable that Westworld be renewed for season 2 . Unfortunately, this new burst of episodes will not be proposed before 2018. A real disappointment for the fans, especially since the questions are in our head. Besides, there are four who begin to heat our brains.
At the end of the first season, we witnessed the death of Ford, killed by Dolores (who seemed to have a total awareness of what she was doing). But if there is one thing that fans of the series are used: it is not to believe everything you see . S ‘(is he truly sacrificed? Has he programmed a robot in his image to make a feint? For many fans, Ford will be back next season.
Who is still alive?
The first chapter of Westworld was a bloodbath, but some deaths may not have happened. Although we saw Elsie be strangled by her mentor, Bernard and Stubbs was ambushed by Ghost Nation, we’ve never actually seen any of the two characters make their last breath . As for Logan, his fate remains a mystery. At the last news, the handsome kid is naked on a horse in the park. But that was in the past. So today, is he still alive?
Where is the park on Earth?
If the series has partially revealed at what point in time the events took place, we still do not know where this park is. In the show, Bernard speaks of the park as a continental territory. But clearly, it could be anywhere . Season 2 should normally give us more answers.
What will the hosts do with their new consciousness?
It was only a matter of time before a massacre took place in the series, caused by the hosts. The people who made the film in 1973 knew that the series was going to move in this direction. One can therefore ask where the writers will come from. If many humans are killed within the park, will there be enough employees to clear the memories of the hosts and restore order? Are humans condemned? We can not wait to find out. So yes 2018 is too far away, but the season 2 of Westworld looks still mad. And you, what questions do you ask?