Westworld season 2: Latest news about the filming of the next episodes!

Cinema 31 January, 2017

New details on the shooting of season 2 of Westorld have been unveiled! To discover without delay.
It was last December that the first season of Westworld ended on HBO, but the hype still does not go down. “Normal”, we will say so much the quality of this first burst of episodes was exemplary. Unfortunately, the show of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy will not be back on our screens until 2018 (and the date of broadcast is not yet known). However, some information has been disclosed on the set of 10 new episodes that make up Season 2 Westworld on which landed 4 big issues . Indeed, Ed Harris, who plays the Man in Black (aka William) in the series has made some revelations website Entertainment Weekly about the sequence of events . He says: “We will turn 10 episodes that will not go into production until June or July.”
So we can hope to have more details on the location of this season 2 this summer. Anyway, Ed Harris reveals that if production has settled for 2 weeks in the Utah region at season 1, she will stay at least a month for Season 2 . And continuing: “We never intended to stay in one place is not to turn in the same state for 10 years regularly We want to move in order to change the story..” . The confirmation once again of the existence of several parks? Also, discover the latest spoilers about Season 2 of Westworld . Where would you like to see Season 2 unfold?