Westworld Season 2: Looking What Next Me?

Westworld Season 2 is not for now! But then, what are we waiting for next? Here are some ideas!
Huge phenomenon during its broadcast throughout the fall of 2016, Westworld has made addicted millions of viewers around the world. And that’s normal: not only is the pitch particularly intriguing, but quality has been present throughout the ten episodes that composed this first season. Obviously, HBO has renewed Westworld for a season 2, but there is a trap: the series will not be back until 2018 on our screens! Sad news for fans who will have to wait a long time before they can plunge back into the heart of this amusement park unlike any other. And as we heard your distress, we wanted to propose you some ideas of series to watch while waiting for the sequel .
If you liked the robot spirit in Westworld, you’ll probably love Humans, a British series also on AMC (and a remake of a Swedish series, titled Äkta Människor). Very different, Humans plunges us into an alternative world or humanoids, called Synthetics are servants who obey humans. Only then, some of them seem mysteriously endowed with a conscience and a free will. A series that already has two seasons and that is a real pearl!
Who does not know Game of Thrones? Obviously, if you submit the name of the series, it is for its bigger side, just like Westworld. A strong mythology, exciting characters and exceptional ways . And in addition to that, there are 6 seasons on the counter and an identical format (long episodes of one hour).
In Westworld, the number of twists and revelations was one of the great strengths of the series, while promising viewers shocking scenes and enormous psychology. Imagine that in these two points, The Walking Dead is the Queen . We follow characters in a post-apocalyptic world where every decision is important about the survival of others.
Launched three weeks ago in the United States (but also available on Netflix in France for one episode a week), Riverdale is probably the teen-show that we all expected . The new series produced by Greg Berlanti (Arrow’s dad, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow or Supergirl) is a must-see that you will never forget. Will regret not having tried. Also find our review of the Riverdale episode 1.
THE 100
Another series of the CW: The 100. The series (whose fourth season has just been launched in the USA) is a real nugget for the small chain. It follows the life of 100 young people who are sent to Earth, decades after the latter has seen its surface shaved by its humans … But when the 100 go back there, things have changed and s ‘They thought they were alone, grated . Frankly, the series is a killing and we recommend it a thousand times.
Because there are not only the dramas in life, we propose you the best comedy of the year, according to us. Better than words, we put you the trailer just above that will give you a precise idea of ​​the tone of the show. 9 episodes have been broadcast so far and each of them is a party of frank laughter. We love it and we tell you: do not try to watch The Mick would be a huge mistake on your part .
Lucifer, another series of the FOX, is a hybrid series. She mixes the kind of cop-show with that of comics . It follows the character of Lucifer (yes, yes, the Master of Hell) who lives quietly in Los Angeles. He decided not to follow his father’s orders (that is, God) and not to punish the dark souls that run on our planet. But everything will change when he meets a detective and his brother will land him up the suspenders … Two seasons on the counter and good news, Lucifer has been renewed for a season 3!
Finally, it is necessary a series “feel good” to this non-exhaustive list. We propose you This Is Us, a series launched this year on NBC. We follow several characters who have one thing in common: they are all born on the same day. Yes but there is a huge twist at the end of the pilot that can not be revealed to you at the risk of spoiling your surprise . But promised, you will not be disappointed! The first season ends in March in the USA, but there will be a second … and a third!

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