Westworld Season 2: New parks, chaos … the latest spoilers on!

Cinema 16 December, 2016

Meanwhile Season 2 of HBO show, it takes stock of the latest spoilers with actors Westworld …

So yes, the season 2 of Westworld surely begin until January 2018 , but it is already time to think … and above all to talk about. After the huge success of its first chapter, the show and its creators are expected to turn. Jonathan Nolan and JJ Abrams will they manage to captivate us as much in the second season of Westworld ? They shall in any case the odds on their side taking their time. A guarantee of quality ? We hope so! Anyway, if season 2 is still at the stage of pre-production , many other theories and spoilers already invaded the Internets since the release of the Season Finale on December 4 …
Lately it’s the actors Luke Hemsworth (Ashley) and Jeffrey Wright (Bernard / Arnold) who shared some info on Season 2 of Westworld. And as their co-star Evan Rachel Wood , they tease a second chapter completely crazy. In the program ? Revolution and chaos. Yes, if in season 1 humans have tried to keep control over the hosts (and failed miserably) in future episodes, robots will take up arms. Jeffrey Wright explained that Delos will be the main target of the rebellion androids . It will clearly not be a good scientist in season 2 of Westworld !
Commenting on the introduction of a new park in the Season Finale, Luke Hemsworth told he loved the idea and the season 1 was a “introduction, a prequel” . The universe of the series will obviously widen and we discover other worlds, starting with samurai world. Will there be other parks in season 2 of Westworld ? It seems very likely … So Will is entitled to a medieval world as in the film which is drawn the series? Response in 2018 on HBO . Until then, stay tuned to track all information about the show event.

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