Westworld: Season Finale, Anthony Hopkins (Ford) returns to the events of episode 10!

Cinema 7 December, 2016

Following the broadcast of episode 10 of the first season of Westworld, Anthony Hopkins (Dr. Ford) returns to the events of the season finale!

An actor of genius! It is saying that Anthony Hopkins has shown absolutely brilliant and enigmatic in the new series from HBO . His interpretation of Dr. Robert Ford, a true genius of science, will continue to haunt us and forces us to question the real meaning of a higher consciousness. Although the end of the first season Westworld allowed us to obtain confirmation that there were many parks , it has not failed to raise many questions. We now know that Dr. Ford has set up an intriguing and mysterious plan “pro-host” , which eventually led Dolores to shoot him in the head before a human assembly. A milestone on which the comedian returns. In a recent interview, he said first of all about his character: “It’s obviously a very proud man, fascinated by the human mind, the nature of intelligence, the history of the human being, the nature of consciousness, and the theory of human consciousness according to our current knowledge. ”
Also, when asked about the fate of his character, he replied, referring to his favorite science fiction film: “It is also a destructive man, he wants to create a pure dystopia or a utopia, but he begins to realize that some First, it has lost sight of his goal. I think he is troubled by his conscience. I remember that the only thing that caught my attention when I started reading the scripts, was one of my favorite science fiction films. I’m not an aficionado of science fiction, but there is a movie with Walter Pigeon, entitled ‘Forbidden Planet’ where Morbius created this huge monster to protect his kingdom, but n is not even aware that he created this monster until he realizes, ‘My god, I did that’ Then it self-destructs. ” . The parallel is convincing because in the season finale, Dr. Robert Ford realizes he has created something over which he has more control and self-destructs, while putting guests on the way to freedom. Now we remains whether Dolores slaughtered or killed human version of Ford or a robotic release . Are we going to his return in future episodes, or is he really dead? Recently, we revealed you the year unfolds Westworld! Do you think Dr. Ford might return?