Westworld, Stranger Things, This is Us: The Best Series of 2016

Cinema 29 December, 2016

2016 has been rich in new side series! Between Westworld, Stranger Things, This is Us and many more, which ones were the best? The editor of melty made the point!
More than a few days before we change our years. Yes, 2017 is very close, so it’s the perfect time to take stock of the best series in 2016 . To say that the novelties were very numerous and that we already had big favorites for some. Inevitably, one of the great revelations of recent months is the series phenomenon Netflix, Stranger Things , but it is not the only one. This Is Us has also managed to charm us like Westworld, Notorious, Frequency or The OA which the following 3 reasons to binge watcher Netflix novelty . Are you ready to discover the best 2016 series? Well let’s go!
It is the revelation of this re-entry. This series that we had not seen coming managed to take us to the guts and to carry us in its intrigue. Anguish, thrill, action, emotion, everything was assembled to make this show TV a real cardboard. Yes, we know, the audiences have broken all records, even those of Game of Thrones. We are waiting for one thing now, to discover season 2 which will be, for sure, just as explosive and exciting!
Strangers Things
Netflix bet strong with this series featuring children. Who would think she would make such a big box? From the first to the eighth episode, we were captivated by this show, both mysterious and shivering. The choice of casting is a crazy bet, but the producers have aimed just and the actors are just awesome. Stranger Things is really one of our favorites of 2016!
The OA
This series is very recent since it was released several days ago, but it has already managed to seduce many fans. Very little information had leaked before its release, which obviously attracted our curiosity. The synopsis was very mysterious and once we started the Premiere Series, we could not stop. We wanted to know the story of Prairie aka Nina aka The OA which turned out to be very poignant … However, the Season Finale left us on big questions … Was this really real? Let’s wait for season 2 to find out …
This is Us
This series marked us with his final twist in the first episode. Suffice to say that it had been a while since we had not been surprised like this with the pilot of a series. The writers have captured our attention and we have not been disappointed until then. This fraternal relationship is touching, poignant and adorable. It is good to come across this family series which puts several problems ahead. In any case, morality is very beautiful and we are completely under the spell!
Notorious is also part of our favorites of 2016. Murders, betrayals, sex and lies are on the program of this show TV. The casting was very well chosen and we love the duo formed by Julia and Jake. Between them, they manage to put everyone at their feet while remaining worthy and humble. We hope there will be a season 2!
Designated Survivor
What a nice surprise this series. This TV show traces the fall of the entire American government following a terrorist act. Between treason, investigative plot and governance, the President of the United States does not have a minute to himself and learns from day to day. In any case, he knew how to preserve his moral and human qualities. In addition, we have the pleasure to find Maggie Q in the role of FBI agent, Hannah Wells!
Luke Cage
The fans were totally impatient! They were only waiting for one thing, to discover this very promising Netflix series and they were not disappointed and neither did we. Luke Cage is not a hero like the others and in today’s Harlem he has had to fight big bad and especially against his past. The action is present from beginning to end and this series has put us in full view. Fortunately, it is renewed for a season 2!
Let’s finish with the new series Frequency which has proved itself. An original scenario and a judicious casting choice make this show TV a nice surprise. The relationship between the father and his daughter via radio is quite moving and to them both can change the present and the future. At each episode, we ask for more! And you, which series did you prefer in 2016?