Westworld : the show runners have trollé the fans as the champions on season 2

Cinema 10 April, 2018






Like it or not Westworld, it is clear that even in his promotion, the HBO series does nothing as the world.

If it has not revolutionized the subject of anticipation, robotics, and offered to thousands of workers tired a remarkable support of nap, the series Westworld is a huge success for HBO, which was in dire need. However, its showrunner Jonathan Nolan proposes, with Lisa Joy, his co-writer and companion, just spoiler the entire season 2.

It would be a good reason to do so.


The time of the great slaughter ?


“Hey Reddit !

Thank you so much for all your thoughts and questions. As I already said, I’m part of this community for a long time (I’m not going to reveal my real nickname) and I enjoy seeing the users of this section to guess the twists and turns this season.

This creates a general problem of our side, considering how your attempts at decryption are included in the line. Some theories may prove to be spoilers and the line between the two is confusing. We are thinking about it since last season.



Evan Rachel Wood, brilliant in season 1


We considered long and hard, and we came to a difficult decision (and potentially controversial). If you agree, we will post a video where we discuss the script, the surprises and the twists of season 2. All. Everything that there is to say about this terrible case. In front of it. And the members of your community who wish to be spoiler will be able to learn upstream and then protect the rest of the group, in order to distinguish what is spoiler and what is a matter of the theory.

We live in a new era, a new world in terms of relationships between those who produce the series, and those who look at them. And confidence is an essential ingredient. “

Then came the publication of the so-called video, and the opportunity for showrunneurs of well mock their community, while reminding them they know a little about the codes. In fact, Lisa Joy and Nolan have just put a big shot of rickroll to their fans : old even among the old meme, the rickroll is to return to the occasion of a link in the form of a hoax to the song Never Gonna Give You Up.

And the team of Westworld has taken the thing very much to heart. Nevertheless, this is an approach that would tend to make the fan not a potential enemy, but a companion, a keeper of the work that interests them. Eager for the arrival of the first episode on April 22 (23 on OCS in France).