Westworld: The truth about Arnold unveiled FINALLY!

Cinema 28 November, 2016

After weeks of speculation, Westworld finally reveals all that we wanted to know about Arnold! Who is he ? Is he really dead? And how ? Warning, spoilers.

westworld-saison-1-episode-8-spoilers-videoEvery Monday it’s the same thing, the new episode of Westworld leaves us on the ass and with even more questions. In his penultimate chapter, the HBO show decided to shorten somewhat our suffering. Last night, episode 9 of Westworld, gave us many answers , moments “OMG” with shovels and already cult scenes . No doubt, the youngest of HBO’s not our heart stroke of school for nothing. Of all the mysteries of the amusement park, those surrounding Arnold, co-creator and former BFF Ford, are without doubt the most intriguing. Finally putting the mat numerous theories on the subject, the series unveiled last night the true identity of Arnold and the circumstances of his death … And we do not still recovering!
For several weeks we thought that Arnold could be an already well-known character from Westworld . And we were right! Remember in episode 7, we discovered that good old Nanard was actually a robot. A revelation that may hide another, this episode 9 we learned that Ford has recreated in his late partner in the person of Bernard, after Dolores killed his own creator . Why would she do that then that Arnold seemed to give the robots more conscience and freedom? A mystery that will surely wait for the final episode of the first season to be resolved. And that’s good, because it’s on HBO next week (on Monday evening and on OCS City )! Anyway, Westworld do not let us time to recover from this huge revelation and live chained with suicide (sponsored by Ford) Bernard . Sadness … And you, had you seen it coming?