Westworld: The wink of the series Game of Thrones!

Cinema 26 November, 2016

Last Westworld was intense and it should not blink to not miss a nod to another HBO series, the famous Game of Thrones!

hbo-westworld-revelation-secrets-arnold-serieHave you seen it ? There is a reference to Game of Thrones in episode 8 of Westworld! While we were concerned about the fate of Elsie, wondering if she’s dead or not because of the flashback , we missed a nod to the other flagship series of HBO. GRR Martin wanted to do a crossover with the new series and we can say that we served . When Logan returns to stop William and Dolores in the 42nd minute of the episode can be seen on his new jacket a pin. This strangely resembles Hand of the King in the fantasy series. So certainly there is no hand on Logan but the resemblance is striking enough that this is not on purpose . Finally we hope. Because we would not have hallucinated this fleeting moment, we would not have affabulé the similarities between the two jewelry / objects. What do you think the meltynautes? What proudly Logan, played by Ben Barnes , on the chest is clearly the Hand of the King that Tyrion could lend the character of Westworld, right?
Anyway, after the surprise cameo in episode 6 of Westworld , we must look carefully in all the series by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Both writers are playing with us distilling little moments like this everywhere in their series. Do they mean anything? There is still the question but if they do, it is that there must be a reason. It remains for us to wait until the last two episodes to see if this will impact or if it was just a small blink of eye friendly to Game of Thrones. What do you think?