Westworld: What does surprise cameo in episode 6 next?

Cinema 11 November, 2016

It did not blink during episode 6 Westworld because the series has given us a surprise cameo could be important for the rest of the HBO show!
Have you seen him? We talk as well of the original film of the 70s and substance robot during a fleeting scene. In episode 6 of Westworld, which you can read the reviews melty when Bernard went into the basement of the park, in unused areas for over 30 years, we can glimpse a background figure. There are a robot whose shape is reminiscent of the original film murderous android created by Michael Crichton . This cameo hit us and threw doubt on many things. As we know that Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy do nothing to chance with their series, it would tell with this cameo character, played by Yul Brynner, the series is the sequel? We already raised the question since the beginning of the series last month on HBO and OCS City in US + 24 and this little scene revives the theory that all film series, is linked. Should we believe it? Or just enjoy a nod? The world of fans of the series is divided into two on the subject. The problem is whether the event 30 years ago mentioned several times in the series is the one that is the basis for the film, namely robots that attack humans. For now, there is not enough evidence to decide. One can only speculate.
The robot played by Yul Brynner in Westworld movie of the 70s!
The trailer of episode 7 of Westworld!
The silhouette of the robot played by Yul Brynner in any case caused confusion in the minds of many people . It may well be that the episode 7 of Westworld, which will air Sunday night on HBO, gives us the answer. This episode should also provide answers to the Man in Black and his quest and possibly confirm that William can not be the Man in Black . As we know that the character played by Ed Harris was present 30 years ago in the park, it might give us clues about the link between the film and the series that the cameo appears to establish. So wait and see. And the wait will be long, very long. What do you think the meltynautes?