Westworld: What if robots were human and human robots? The crazy theory explained

Cinema 9 November, 2016

Although the release of the first Westworld season continues, the theories are becoming more numerous. Recent: robots are human and humans are robots.

westworld-episode-3-episode-2-1x03-spoilerPuzzle! While we dévoilions you why William can not be the man in black in Westworld , an exciting new theory comes to us. After indicating that Bernard was probably a robot, or several timelines have shown us, could it be that robots are human and vice versa? Now we know that the characteristics of some robots are inspired by real people (living or dead). In fact, a theory emerged that Ford wanted to be a robot and be the center of the maze . This one would have understood the famous maze and would have built a house which he would become the master. In fact, Arnold is the creator fell into the hand of his creation. This theory could explain the rationale of past history (home and family) Ford.

Ford, a robot? A speech by Teddy Flood explaining the maze could support this theory. Indeed, he said: “The labyrinth is an old primitive myth The maze itself is the sum of a man’s life choices he made, dreams to which he clings And there, in… center, there is a legendary man who was killed over and over again. But he is still alive and the man returned one last time to defeat all his oppressors in a relentless fury. he built a house and around this house, he built a maze so complicated that only he can through it. I think he has seen enough fighting ” . On reading his words, difficult not to believe that Teddy refers to Ford. First literally because Ford has a secret house hidden in the park. Then, because Ford is the only character that can not only visit the park, but also control it. Guests submit to its control, often without a word, while all other characters need to direct their shelves. Could it be that easy for Ford to communicate non-verbally with the host because he is itself a host? Finally, Ford is at the center of Westworld business, so it is possible that the center of the maze and mystery is a person, not a place!

This idea is particularly attractive and we offer a spectacular rebound, but some go much further. If Ford was designed in the image of Arnold and he finally gained consciousness and defeated all his human oppressors in a relentless fury (including its creator and all visitors to the park), he could have returned the script becoming the new king of an abandoned park, full of slaughtered humans? could he have to recreate the park image of Arnold, with a team of engineers consisting entirely of robots? This theory we propose a twist which would leave us speechless, a much intrigue over sexuality and the Far West of violence that Ford so often praised. If those we take for humans are robots, is it possible that robots are human? We know that in this utopian future, all diseases are cured and that virtually anyone can be kept alive. Are we seeing robots rejuvenate or simply create human with huge technological advances ? Maybe it’s the robots that spend their time torturing humans! The answer to this theory is certainly at the center of the maze! Recently, we were wondering who had stolen the secrets of the park in Westworld! What do you think of this theory?