Westworld: Who stole the secrets of the park?

Cinema 8 November, 2016

Following the broadcast of episode 6 of Westworld, we may have discovered the identity of the person driving the secrets of the park!

westworld-episode-4-episode-3-1x03-spoilerGuilty! Following the broadcast by HBO , from episode 6 of Westworld, for which we offer our criticism , one of the great mysteries of the season, namely flying the park’s information has been cleared. Remember, Elsie discovered that a conspiracy was in place when a host attacked, before hitting his head with a rock. After further examination of the body of the robot, she discovered that someone had placed a satellite uplink in his arm, forcing the host to transmit data unspecified park. Thus, Elsie and Bernard continued their investigation in the last episode and using the original tracking system of the park, Bernard was able to use the last position of the host to find the satellite which he passed. Elsie discovers that the satellite belonged to Devos and the host took orders from a transmitter to the park, which hosts interpreted like voices in their heads. More importantly, Elsie regained the issuer has in fact attained its user log to discover the surprising culprit flight: Theresa Cullen , Head of Quality Assurance Department.

So far, Cullen acts as the representative of the Board, keeping an eye on Ford and ensuring that the park runs smoothly. So what is its purpose and she really wants to betray Westworld stealing data? While it is possible that Cullen worked for outside interests since it is relatively new, it is more likely that it does not steal the park information. The fact that it uses a satellite Devos instead suggests that they try to stage an incident while playing with the functions of the host or by collecting data it can use against Ford.

Indeed, the man has a strong hold on the hosts and a controlled fire (as a host nearly killing two employees) Cullen could provide sufficient evidence to demonstrate that Ford is no longer able to manage the park. Cullen could also try to find a way to make reports to the Council without Ford is aware, since he did not fail to mention that he knows everyone in the park. Beyond these issues, Elsie also discovered that a second person was playing with the programming of the host . Thus, we have the certainty that Theresa Cullen has nothing to do with the growing awareness of the host or the possibility that Arnold was still alive. We will have to wait for episode 7 of Westword, for which we dévoilions you promotional video, to know the true motivations of Cullen. What is the purpose of Cullen as you?