Westworld: William Why can not the Man in Black?

Westworld and his theories punctuate our lives since the beginning of the series on HBO. There is a persistent, which means that William was the Man in Black. It has 5 arguments that say otherwise.

hbo-westworld-revelation-secrets-arnold-serieHBO event series has just started the second half of the season 1 and the first theories that you and we have established will start having confirmations or not . Besides, episode 6 of Westworld, which is critical to read melty, has validated a we, and probably you, too, had for some time. The child robot cross by Dr. Ford is a version of himself built by Arnold. A sort of gift before the co-creator of the park disappears. Of all the theories that sail on the Web, there is a particularly tenacious. She said William and the Man in Black would be only one person, 30 years apart, more or less. But … because there is a but, the more we advance, the more clues that undermine this theory yet very popular among fans of the series. The latest episode centered on Dolores and William pointed some details that do not fit. William and the Man in Black would they be one and the same person? We think not and here 5 points that help us prove it.

First, when the Man in Black saves Teddy with transfusion, he told her about her first visit to the park. Thirty years ago, he said, the hosts were not made of flesh and blood unlike today. When William landed and met for the first time, they are. So William can not be located 30 years rather than the character played by Ed Harris . Especially the first robots are full of cables and other son as we saw in episode 6. Second, we can see that William is very keen on Dolores, to the point of planting his brother to protect her. Could it then be the Man in Black, who 30 years later, torture and violates the young woman? We highly doubt it. We continue with a third reason. When William kills a host of cool, a black human behavior that would not have denied this is not dictated by rescuing someone. Besides, it also deals with all guests with respect and as real people. Not at all like the man who seeks the maze.

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For the fourth reason, we must remember a previous episode, when Stubbs says that Dolores has moved away from Sweetwater just when it responds positively to a request from the Man in Black. As we think Stubbs is human, these two events can not take place at the same time, thus emphasizing that the two are really two different people . Finally, in the promo video of what awaits us in the second part of the season, we can see that Dolores and the Man in Black will meet again. Dolores wears the same clothes as when William. Again, this implies that the characters would not be in two timelines but only in one . This undermines the assumption that as the Man in Black and William, played by Jimmi Simpson, are one and the same person. So what do you think the meltynautes? A single person ? Two different characters? Tell us everything. Anyway, it’s Jonathan Nolan, the creator of Westworld which must gloat, who likes all our theories, to see us torturing mind. Do you think William and the Man in Black are the same no one ?

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  • Nick Vendura

    1) We saw in the last episode that “first-generation” robots look NO different on the outside. Ford’s family are all first-generation.
    2) Man in Black NEVER tortures Dolores. He drags her into the barn to keep her from being killed, and tries to jog her memory: “Let’s reacquaint ourselves,” he says … hardly a torture.
    3) Have no idea what you’re trying to say, but let’s just say it doesn’t debunk it.
    4) In the present, Dolores has “gone off her loop” because she is reminiscing. Every scene where we see her and William together now is almost always preceded by a scene in which she’s standing ALONE in the present with no William around. She then hears a voice say “remember,” which points to the flashback from 30 years earlier. That, to me, is the most obvious clue.
    5) Watch the last scene in episode 5, where she is on the train. The very last shot CLEARLY shows that there is nobody else on the train with her (even though we just saw William and Lawrence on the train) … meaning she is in the present reminiscing (by herself) of events from 30 years ago (scenes where we see William/Lawrence) — thus proving she is dressed like that in the present as well (when coming attractions take place).
    There you go, debunking debunked. Any questions?