What are the films that start with “The last / last …”?

Cinema 27 January, 2017

The next Star Wars will be called “The Last Jedi”. Nothing very original, it’s true. However, there are some variations when a film begins with this qualifier.
There must be a minimum of precision, otherwise it does not make sense. Imagine the commercial on the radio “The last one, soon in theaters, February 1st”? Uh, yeah, and the last what? Otherwise you do not go to the cinema slam 10 € like that … At the limit must see the poster, and again, it may not be enough. So, after “The Last” or “Last”, there is necessarily something that says more about the film . Here are some examples.
This speaks of a person
This is the most common case. In all (numerous) movies beginning with “The last …”, a majority designates a person. Here are a few examples: The Last Boy Scout, Last Action Hero, The Last Airbender, The last american hero, The last emperor, The last king of scotland, The Last Samurai, Last man …

Sometimes it remains quite close, the title of the film focuses on a group of people. Genre The last legion. Or even more global, from the land: Last cannibal world.
This speaks of a material, tangible thing
This covers a variety of topics, themes and objects. It can be a building: The last castle, The last house on the left … A means of transport or the place where it passes: The last metro. The last station

This speaks of pecho
We can do it. Given the number of movies shot on love stories, for decades, that’s not what’s missing. So, you can come across this kind of movies: The last laugh, The last kiss, The last seduction, The last waltz, Last embrace …

This speaks of an action
So it can be everything and nothing. A military action, a professional decision, whatever it may be. For example: The last broadcast, The Last Command, The Last Exorcism, Last Brooklyn, Last orders …

This speaks for a moment
Basically, we place history directly in a context. Which can encompass a multitude of things: a period, a precise memory, a season … Some examples: The last days of disco, the last song, the last stage, The last sunset, The last winter, Last Wedding …

This speaks of an animal
Much rarer. Notably because the film often bears the name of the animal in question, type Beethoven. To change, there’s one called The Last Dragon.

This speaks of a … film
We end with a kind of mise en abyme. It’s beautiful fucking. And yeah, there’s a movie called The last movie. Who cares about the title anyway?