What do the superhero liners, those shadow charcoilers look like?

Cinema 4 May, 2017

It is finally time to give them glory.
9:28 p.m.. Arrive at the bar where you meet your colleagues, already hot. The guys are laughing like stupid, will know why. You’ll soon be put to perfume. Two tables away, a non-certified fighter takes a drink with his girlfriends. Your mission if you accept it, establish contact with this foreign group, with a view to a hypothetical exchange of numbers. Sharpened like jaja, you come out like a champion, your potos having quickly joined the debates. A superb evening, between anecdotes, big file, sexist valves and tutti cuanti. In short, you were at the top of your life until Bastien gallops the fighter plane in your place. There, Felt little about the frustration of these superhero (and super villain) liners that ensure all the dirty work without the recognition that goes with it . Tribute.